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Game Chests and Roulette!

PRODUCT NO. 1730 - Gaming Chest-complete casino kit with seven exciting games of chance-roulette-black jack-craps-poker dice-horse race-Las Vegas slot dice-chuck a luck and complete instructions. All packed in STURDY WOOD FRAME LEATHERETTE CASE. Packed in heavy white corrugated box with full color label. Size: 17" X 11" X 2 3/4" - Priced at $59.95 - Includes Shipping and Handling -

PRODUCT NO. 1725 - Gaming Chest-complete home kit with 8" roulette-7/8" chips-30 checkers-6 horses-2 3/4" king plastic chess set-spot dice-layouts for roulette-chuck a luck-racing games-chess/ checker/backgammon board and complete instruction booklet. All packed in sturdy wood frame leatherette case. Size: 17" X 11" X 2 3/4" - Priced at $59.95 - Includes Shipping and Handling -

PRODUCT NO. 790 - 10" Roulette Wheel w/smooth even spinning hub. Silk screened felt layout - 100 1 1/2" chips - complete instructions - Packed in sturdy storage container - Priced at $19.95 - Includes Shipping and Handling -

PRODUCT NO. 772 - Golden Nugget Roulette-9" roulette wheel-150- 7/8" interlocking chips-steel ball-silk screened felt layout and complete instructions. Size: 12" X 12" X 2" - Priced at $12.95 - Includes Shipping and Handling -

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To order by Money Order send specified amount (in U.S. Dollars) to: Margie Hammett - 350 S.E. 2nd Ave. - Suite E-2 - Deerfield Beach, Fl. 33441-4769 - Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back -

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact:
Margie E. Hammett
350 S.E. 2nd Ave.#E-2
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
United States